Artist Bio

Tony has worked as an artist for more than 40 years, specialising in illustration, cartooning and fantasy art and has worked professionally on The Real Ghostbusters for Marvel UK and also drew Ivy the Terrible for The Beano. His particular interest in fantasy art is evident in the third room.

Most of the artwork exhibits you see in The Orkney Experience are original pieces by Tony, working predominantly in acrylics with some mixed media 3 dimensional installations. Every exhibit involves interaction with the visitor in some way, and Tony’s imagination and expertise has been put to good use in planning and executing the exhibits. Credit also goes to local artists Sharon Williamson (water horse and Odin’s horse) and Scott Sutherland (airbrush effects – Space) in the Orkney Legend area.

Tony will be available for caricatures, where each sitting will take approximately 20 minutes, and the resultant pictures will put a smile on the face of the subject, but remember, caricatures pick out your most noticeable features, and emphasise them – although cartoon portraits are also available, which are generally much kinder to the subject!